Mission and Vision


Our vision ... is to build community in Christ.

South Parade is an evangelical, Bible-based church, which belongs to the Baptist Union of Great Britain, the Yorkshire Baptist Association and the Evangelical Alliance. Like many, we are troubled by the fragmented nature of our society and the dysfunction of so many relationships. While not claiming to be perfect ourselves, we believe that it is the responsibility of followers of Jesus to work with the people of peace in our neighbourhoods to build good community. We believe that the church itself must model what it means to be a healthy community where people can grow to their full potential in an environment of trust and love.

We seek to build community in Christ because we believe that it is only by coming to know him personally that people are able to be fully at peace with themselves and one another, and most of all with God. We hope that all who meet us will be helped to belong to Christ and his people, will discover what it means to believe in him, and will become all that he invites them to be in character, lifestyle, witness and service.

We are exploring how to be church in the 21st Century in what is a vibrant and growing city. Our desire is to see more and more people come to know Christ for themselves, and to help one another to be equipped as responsible and active disciples out in the world. As a result many outreach initiatives are being undertaken, often led by a particular Gathering. Recent whole-church initiatives have included setting up a Christians Against Poverty centre and working with the educational charity TLG with children at risk of exclusion from school. 

Our vision is of ‘a world populated by Spirit-filled people, passionate in following Jesus Christ and wholehearted in their commitment to build community in him, so that all whom the Lord our God calls can belong, believe and become all that he wants them to be’, summarised in the strap-line, ‘Passion for God, love for people and a heart for mission’. 

Overall we seek to reflect both the heritage of the church and the need to be contemporary and open to the Holy Spirit today. The church has a holistic view of mission and is committed to evangelism and social action, an example of this being our CAP Centre. Many members are involved in outside mission projects across West Yorkshire and the church has a strong history of mission partnerships across the world. 

Our buildings are used extensively by many community and church groups, including the Leeds Arabic Christian Fellowship. We maintain close links with them and New City Of David and Leeds Christian Fellowship Church that meet in the centre of Leeds.